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Cameowcoons photo

Small cattery nestled on a secluded woodland 5 acre lot. Have been breeding Mainecoons for the last 26 yrs. We show our cats exclusively in CFF, although our kittens can be registered in CFA, and TICA, as well as ACFA. Most colors can be found here, from solid black, to silvers, patch tabbies, and smokes and cameo. We prefer to sell our kittens as pets, but all our kittens are of superior quality, health, and type. At this time we have the newly recognized marble coat pattern, this pattern was recently accepted in the CFF organization. Caleb was the first cat registered with this pattern and he is now a Grand Champion. He has kittens out there being shown that also have the marble pattern. Kittens are available most times of the year, and we also at times have adults that are altered and placed in forever homes. At this time we have We have 4 Grand Champion breeding males and 1 Grand Champion breeding female. Presently we are working on a second female for her Grand Champion status. We also on occasion have polydactyl ( double pawed ) kittens available