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We are a cattery that places HEALTH & Temperament as our first priority! Our breeding cats are screened for FIV/FELV, HCM, SMA, PKDef and MUST be n/n in order to remain in our breeding program! Our kittens come with a health guarantee, vet health check, all vaccinations current, and are handled since birth, and socialized with children of all ages, other cats, and dogs. We are a registered cattery in both CFA & TICA and show in both clubs. Do you like the American looking Maine Coons? European ones? Well don't look any further we have both and deliver you both! We also have a variety of colors including Browns, Silvers, Reds, Blues, and SOLIDS! We here at TTCATS believe in feeding our cats/kittens a BARF (bones & raw food) diet exclusively and feel that feeding premium foods will help produce that premium cat! We love what we do and do what we love and look forward to being able to fulfill your request for Maine Coon ownership! Follow us on FACEBOOK @ Terri Toulze (Ttcats cattery)



Averill's Cattery is a CFA registered cattery, we screen for HCM. Health is most important in our breeding program and then great out going personality's. Also we show in CFA and we are involved in it's educational ring with a CFA Amsasedor for Maine Coons. His name is GP Tabbypatch Blue Boy Willie. We have Regional and Grand Champion wining lines. We breed mostly Brown, blue and cream tabby's with and without white.

Bounding Maines

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Producing only a few litters a year we are a small cattery. Breeding for health, type and temperament for 15 years. A full Breeder Member of the MCBFA, Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Assoc. for the last 6 years. Registered and Showing in both TICA and CFA Associations. Our breeding cats are screened and tested (HCM,PKD,My-BPC-3,FeLV, etc) and the kittens sold under Contract with Pedigree, Registration are current on vaccinations. Big beautiful funny babies, in a host of colors, hand raised underfoot with love. We do not ship in cargo.


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Our cattery is located about 60 miles N.E. of Sacramento, Ca. Our goal is to provide well adjusted, healthy kittens and to attract the perfect owners for them. Each kitten receives hands on care so that when they are ready for adoption they are socialized and ready for their new environment. All kittens are registered with The International Cat Assn. (TICA) &/or CFA and come with a Health Record, Sales Contract and information about optimal nutrition & longevity. All are guaranteed to be free of infectious diseases, hereditary problems and are of the highest quality both in temperament and appearance. On site visits to view and choose your pet are welcomed.